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Clear stereotypes on SysML Parts

eaUtils clear SysML parts stereotypes feature has been defined to easily undo the changes carried in eaUtils SysML Synchronize Parts Stereotypes feature.

Initial context

eaUtils Synchronize stereotypes on SysML Parts has been run to update the parts stereotypes according to custom mapping rules. The aim of this feature is to clear the stereotypes on all SysML parts such as the ones illustrated here:

Clear SysML parts stereotypes

  • Open the internal block diagram to update or select the package from the project browser with the SysML model to update (this feature runs from the project browser or a diagram).
  • Right click and select Extensions, eaUtils, [SysML] Clear parts stereotypes. The following popup window is displayed:

clear sysml parts stereotype sparx enterprise architect eautils addin

  • Result:

cleared sysml parts stereotypes