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SysML stereotype mapping and synchronization between Blocks and Parts

eaUtils SysML stereotype mapping and synchronization on SysML parts according to their blocks is useful when SysML stereotypes defined in a UML profile or an MDG technology are used on the Enterprise Architect SysML modelling project.

It is common practice to define and use a specific set of SysML blocks such as hardware and software blocks. The stereotype mechanism can be used to assign default colours and/or add specific properties (tagged values).

The diagram below illustrates the Hardware and Software SysML blocks and parts used in this example.

sysml blocks stereotype example sparx enterprise architect eautils addin

When using parts within an ibd (SysML internal block diagram), they aren't stereotyped. Assigning the right stereotype can be time consuming; eaUtils SysML Synchronize parts stereotypes is intended to deal with this issue.

Initial context

The SysML block definition diagram (bdd) below illustrates the definition of a main system with its hardware and software subsystems.

sysml block definition diagram sparx enterprise architect stereotype add-in eautils

When creating a composition between SysML blocks, Enterprise Architect automatically creates parts under the main block as illustrated in the Project Browser:

sysml block definition diagram sparx enterprise architect stereotype browser add-in eautils

When creating an internal block diagram (ibd), the parts can be added via EA Synchronize Structural Elements diagram function. Result:

sysml internal block diagram sparx enterprise architect stereotype add-in eautils

At this stage and without eaUtils, one has to manually set each part's stereotype according to the main block, e.g. "hw part" for "hw1".

Define the mapping rules

The mapping rules from SysML block stereotypes to SysML part stereotypes must be defined in a dedicated diagram, identified through its stereotype, "eautils_sysml".

  • Create a package and diagram in your EA project.
  • Open the diagram properties (F5) and set the stereotype to eautils_sysml:

sysml blocks stereotype mapping rules sparx enterprise architect eautils addin

  • Use your MDG toolbox to create each stereotyped blocks and part, and create a dependency link from a stereotyped block to its matching stereotyped part, e.g. "hw block" to "hw part".

sysml blocks stereotype mapping rules sparx enterprise architect eautils addin

  •  Save and close the diagram; the mapping definitions are ready and available for eaUtils.

Synchronize, update SysML parts stereotype

  • Open the internal block diagram to update.
  • Right click and select Extensions, eaUtils, [SysML] Synchronize parts stereotypes. The popup window is displayed with the list of mapping rules found:

sysml blocks stereotype synchronization update sparx enterprise architect eautils addin

  • Note: when no mapping rule is found, the following error message is displayed:

  • Result:

Demonstration video

Click on the image below to open the Youtube video illustrating this feature.

sysml sync part stereotype youtube