Utilities add-in for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

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eaUtils addin for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Release History

v1.13.2 (Build 1710-3)

09/11/2017 - current release

  • Added "Identify and sort integers within string values" to the displayed settings in the Sort Elements according to Diagram layout

v1.13.1 (Build 1710-2)


  • Reload settings in the popup window when the settings window is closed

v1.13 (Build 1710-1)


  • Reduced the number of menus:
    • sort elements in a package or element: moved each option (sort by alias, tagged values, stereotype, name) to a drop down list,
    • sort elements or generate aliases according to the elements in a diagram: moved "top to bottom" and "left to right" options to a drop down list.
  • Improved the settings window
  • Close Windows with the ESC key
  • Improved navigation between eaUtils windows and the settings window

v1.12.2 (Build 1612-6)


  • Missing file or assembly error fixed

v1.12.1 (Build 1612-5)


  • Generate alias window: hide the "Limit to Stereotype" drop down when no stereotype is found

v1.12 (Build 1612-4)


  • Added a sort by modified or created date on diagrams within a package or composite element
  • Generate Alias: added an option to generate the alias for elements matching a single, selected stereotype. This can be useful e.g. for Archimate diagrams. This may be coupled with the object type restriction.
  • Improved locking control rules (element locks with or without security)
  • New sorting option: Sort numbering sequences including prefixes (e.g. REQ-1.1, REQ-1.2, REQ-1.10, REQ-1.15, REQ-2.0, REQ-2.1...) (asked by pli)
  • Package Tree Sorting popup window not closed when done to allow reviewing processed packages

v1.11.1 (Build 1601-4)


  • Fixed a bug when looking for existing locks (exception raised - reported by pli)
  • Fixed Save Settings bug on EA projects stored in a Postgres DB.

v1.11 (Build 1601-3)


  • Added the package tree option in the Package Sort by features (alias, stereotype, TV, name, reset sort order): when enabled eaUtils lets you select the packages within the tree to process
  • Added Custom Tagged Value support in eaUtils Sort By settings
  • Improved popup windows with the prompt question, a summary of the current settings, and a status box
  • Generate Alias: option to increment the starting number
  • Improved Security Lock controls
  • Bug fixes: Removed packages from diagram sorting, renamed Trailing zeros with Leading zeros (jbr)
  • Improved Breadcrumb: prevent creating a hyperlink on the diagram itself (jbr)

v1.10 (Build 1511-7)

16/12/2015 - first official release

  • Added Generate Alias feature
  • Updated eaUtils settings

v1.06 (Build 1511-6, beta 4)


  • Added case sensitive option on the sorting features (see eaUtils settings)
  • Added sorting Tagged Value name to the Registry (to change the default BrowserOrder Tagged Value)
  • Added a Check for Update feature

v1.05 (Build 1511-5, beta 3)


  • Improved the installation files (upgrade management, remove)

v1.03 (Build 1511-3, beta 2)


  • Fixed the Restore Default Settings button in eaUtils Settings.
  • Added the following settings on the Diagram Sorting feature: Ignore external elements in a diagram sorting.

v1.02 (Build 1511-2, beta 1)

25/11/2015 - first beta version

  • Sort elements from a selected package or composite element by Alias, by the Tagged Value “BrowserOrder”, by Stereotype, by Name
  • Apply the default sorting order on a selected package or element
  • Sort a package elements by the order displayed from top to bottom, or from left to right, on a diagram selected from the project browser (optional: ignore external elements)
  • Generate the breadcrumb trail on a diagram selected from the project browser
  • Update eaUtils settings
  • About eaUtils dialog window
  • Open the online help section