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Utilities for your EA models: sort elements, generate alias, diagram breadcrumb navigation

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Section 7. Apply the default sorting order

reload default sorting order

This help article explains how to use eaUtils Apply Default sorting Order feature on the elements that are contained in a package or element.

This feature runs on a package or an element selected from the Project Browser.

Enterprise Architect already lets you reset the elements sorting order with a right click > Contents > Reset Sort Order, however this is only available for a package. Hence this feature makes it possible to run it on a composite element e.g. a use case, class, activity.

The other advantage is to prevent users from searching for SparxSystems Enterprise Architect Reset Sort Order.

Revert to the default sorting order

Select the package or element where the sorting needs to be restored to the default order > Extensions > eaUtils > [Browser] Apply default order.

revert to default sorting order in sparx enterprise architect project browser addin

Confirm you would like to proceed by clicking Yes in the following dialog window:

sparx enterprise architect addin eautils apply default order project browser

As a result, the tree position value (TreePos) explained in section 1 of the sorting features, is set to Null for all the elements, as it was when they were created.

The confirmation window below is displayed (click on Close).

sparx enterprise architect addin