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Version Control locks

Prior to update the model, eaUtils looks for any lock that would prevent changes to be committed.

When a version control repository such as SVN or TFS is configured with the EA project, eaUtils checks that the package branch is not in a read-only mode for the current user. This is achieved by controlling that the package branch is either checked out to the current user or not under version control.

The screenshot below illustrates a project configured with a Subversion repository.

  • The following packages are not checked out as shown with the yellow key icon i.e. eaUtils will display an error message as the user doesn't have any write access:
    • Model (project root)
    • Primary Use Cases package
    • Domain Model
  • The user has checked out the Use Case Mode, hence updates can be carried with eaUtils.
  • Test project root is not configured with the SVN repository, hence updates can be carried with eaUtils.

eautils control on version control SVN locks

When running an eaUtils update feature on a package, element or diagram, the following popup will be displayed if a lock prevents the user's session from making any change:

eautils locked package (version control SVN)

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