Utilities add-in for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

version francaise

eaUtils future releases will include additional features as identified below. I will try to keep this list updated as I identify enhancements or new features for a future release.

eaUtils backlog

  • Include a support for EA packages in the Project Browser Sorting features ; sorting features are limited to EA elements as the tree position for package is maintained separately.
  • Sort attributes
  • Move the sorting types to a drop down list in the popup window to reduce the amount of eautils commands from the menu (e.g. move sort by alias/stereotype/name/tagged value)
  • Go back to the eaUtils popup window when saving the settings, previously opened from this┬ápopup
  • Change the confirmation message after running the generate alias feature to provide the number of updated elements, or advise if no element has been updated
  • Add the support to clear the aliases on external elements
  • Create a diagram with the elements from the current package e.g. all classes